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When wonderful things happen in your life, you want to save them like a treasure, something sacred that you believe only belongs to you. That's how, for a long time, I kept one of the most transforming moments of my life: the birth of my first son Dante. It happened 4 years and 4 months ago in Erongarícuaro, Michoacán, Mexico. It’s been one of the biggest challenges and discoveries of my strength and power as a women! One of the most beautiful, peaceful, easy and fast births that I’ve heard about; I say this not to brag about my self, because I didn’t do this alone. It was a process where Mujeres Aliadas was the motor for the development of my skill both as a mother and a woman.

For me, Mujeres Aliadas means strength, love and support; it was the mother I didn’t have, it was the family I didn’t have, it’s the family that didn’t support me, it was my protection in this abusive world for women and doctors; they were more than my midwives, they were my angels and now, even after such a long time, I see my self reflected in their work.
With my second son born in the United States, I rest assured, without a doubt, that it doesn’t matter how much money or luxuries you have, it’s very hard to find people with the capacity, commitment and passion that you find at Mujeres Aliadas. If there isn’t someone there to take care of you, as the midwives do from the communities in México , you will always be at the mercy of doctors and nurses and their useless procedures, where all they are looking for is more money and to steal your power of bringing into the world beings full of light.
Thank you for everything, for your classes, the health consultations, your massages, your words, your unconditional support, for such a small fee, we need more like you.
Lucía Esmeralda Gutierrez Estrada

“First I didn’t want to be a midwife but I always had been interested in being a nurse or something related to healing and, I don’t know, with helping my town in the future.”

Elena is 32 years old, she is from San Lorenzo, Chiapas, México. Her family is from Guatemala, her first languaje is Chuj, and she learned K’anjobal with her neighbors, two of the indigenous languages spoken in Chiapas.   
“Since my dad was a health comunity worker, my grandfather was a very good and recognized traditional healer, and some of my relatives are midwives, I decided to go on and study midwifery to see what would happen. As soon as I arrived in CASA (midwifery school) I liked everything, everything was interesting to me, I enjoyed all the classes and that’s how I started to fall in love with midwifery.”
“The biggest learning experience in my life was the birth of Dianita, my daughter, this was more than five years ago. I don’t know but I feel that until you experience the process, you don’t know on the same level how to treat a women; it’s not until you’ve experienced that need of love and support yourself, that the interest in becoming a better helper for a woman allows you to provide better support each time.”
Elena has great experience working as a profesional midwife in hospitals, as well as in communities accompanying births at home. She joined the team of Mujeres Aliadas last October. “For me accompanying births is my priority, from preparing the woman, giving her support, listening to her, observing her, and also after birth, being there for when she needs me… There was one year that I didn’t attend births and, I’m not lying, every night I dreamt that I was birthing, the pain, the sweet, every night it was the same thing; It was like a need I had for births and, well, I trust my dreams and being a midwife is my dream.”

Elena Pascual Gómez

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