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MY LEARNING Arva-Lea Kowalki

Time went by very quickly...
Thanks to Mujeres Aliadas, the midwives, the students and all the women and their families who gave me the opportunity to learn; thank you for sharing with me!  It was a month full of experiences and learning.

This time abroad will enrich my life as a midwife as well as my personal life.   I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to make this trip to Michoacan to lear and work with professional and traditional midwives. It was a pleasure to be with you.
I will be back!
MY BIRTH Lucía Esmeralda Gutierrez Estrada

When wonderful things happen in your life, you want to save them like a treasure, something sacred that you believe only belongs to you. That's how, for a long time, I kept one of the most transforming moments of my life: the birth of my first son Dante. It happened 4 years and 4 months ago in Erongarícuaro, Michoacán, Mexico. It’s been one of the biggest challenges and discoveries of my strength and power as a women! One of the most beautiful, peaceful, easy and fast births that I’ve heard about; I say this not to brag about my self, because I didn’t do this alone. It was a process where Mujeres Aliadas was the motor for the development of my skill both as a mother and a woman.
For me, Mujeres Aliadas means strength, love and support; it was the mother I didn’t have, it was the family I didn’t have, it’s the family that didn’t support me, it was my protection in this abusive world for women and doctors; they were more than my midwives, they were my angels and now, even after such a long time, I see my self reflected in their work.
Thank you for everything, for your classes, the health consultations, your massages, your words, your unconditional support, for such a small fee, we need more like you.

First I didn’t want to be a midwife but I always had been interested in being a nurse or something related to healing and, I don’t know, with helping my town in the future.

Since my dad was a health community worker, my grandfather was a very good and recognized traditional healer, and some of my relatives are midwives, I decided to go on and study midwifery to see what would happen. As soon as I arrived in CASA (midwifery school) I liked everything, everything was interesting to me, I enjoyed all the classes and that’s how I started to fall in love with midwifery.

The biggest learning experience in my life was the birth of Dianita, my daughter, this was more than five years ago. I don’t know but I feel that until you experience the process, you don’t know on the same level how to treat a woman; it’s not until you’ve experienced that need of love and support yourself, that the interest in becoming a better helper for a woman allows you to provide better support each time.

Recently we went to a community for a presentation and talked with a couple of acquaintances. They told me that they had gone to their Health Center because they had an infection: they were given medicine but they still had the same problem. I told them that in Mujeres Aliadas, the Professional Midwives attended to such problems; I gave them the phone number of the office, they made an appointment and they came. After a few days I found them again and they said: thank you Mago for the information, we are already well because we went to Mujeres Aliadas; they gave us all the information and the medicine that relieved us from that infection! No one had explained how infections should be treated in a couple. You are excellent people for the care of our health!
Mujeres Aliadas AC Erongarícuaro, Michoacán, México.
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