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 Significant Events
Mujeres Aliadas is founded by two Americans working with Mexican women from the Lake Pátzcuaro area.
First student internships begin.
Primary and secondary data collection for the needs assessment occurs.
Collaboration with the Adler School of Professional Psychology to assess the mental health needs of area women.
Health needs assessment completed and a plan outlined for activities for the next four years.

Mujeres Aliadas incorporated as a Mexican civil association.
First MA midwife-run clinic opened in the indigenous village of Nocutzepo.
Professional midwife school opens with its first class of 19 students.
Sister organization incorporated in the United States as a 501(c)(3).
Women’s center opens in Erongarícuaro with three consultation rooms, two birthing rooms, classroom and administrative office.
Adolescent curriculum finished and two workshops take place

Professional midwives hired to run the health and community education programs.
First birth occurs in an MA birthing room.
Student practicums begin at Mujeres Aliadas, nearby hospitals and health centers.
The community health education workshops are expanded to the Meseta Purépecha and a pilot project takes place in Chiapas, Mexico and the nearby border region of Guatemala.
During September, 2013, milestone reached of over 10,000 women and adolescent attendees at MA community presentations.
Clinical sessions conducted by MA midwives begin in government clinics.
MA midwives conduct their first training of staff at an area hospital in how to provide dignified and respectful care to women during labor and birth
The first class of professional midwife students graduates.
Mujeres Aliadas begins offering birth preparation classes based on Lamaze.
The regional health jurisdiction authorizes MA midwives to complete birth certificates.
During October, 2015, the milestone is reached of over 20,000 women and adolescent attendees at MA community presentations.
MA professional midwife school curriculum certified by state education authorities.

MA hosts the national conference of Mexican midwives.
MA receives its first grant from the Mexican government to significantly expand its work to the indigenous villages in the Meseta Purépecha with increased numbers of community health presentations, community-based clinical sessions, home births and birth preparation classes..
By December, 2016, Mujeres Aliadas has worked with women or providers from more than 90 communities.

The Professional Midwifery school is accredited by state educational authorities.
Work continues in the Meseta Purépecha as a result of a new grant from a U.S. foundation.
During March, 2017, the milestone is reached of over 5,000 clinical consultations with MA professional midwives.
New class of midwives starts in August 2017.

We received an award “Mujer Michoacana (Woman of Michoacan)”by the State Government.
We launched our first Communications Campaign: “Make of your Birth the Best of the Stories”
Mujeres Aliadas AC Erongarícuaro, Michoacán, México.
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