M u j e r e s    A l i a d a s


Women working together have the capacity to heal the world. When women are well informed, enjoy good health, and understand the wonderful capacity of their bodies, they can respect and care for themselves and better care for their families. Their contributions to the world increase in direct proportion to their health and level of self respect and self esteem. Harmony depends on the way we treat our women and girls and the way they feel they should be treated.

One of the most significant contributions that our organization can make is to offer women the possibility of and access to healthier and safer pregnancies and births. We believe that well-informed women who are involved in their care will grow through the experience of pregnancy and childbirth and develop a better sense of themselves as strong and able, and more capable of speaking for themselves with the capacity to better shape their life experiences. We believe that well-informed women and girls are more likely to ask questions about their sexual and reproductive health, make better choices and to access services of an intimate nature.

Purépecha girls in traditional dress at Santa Fe de la Laguna