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Who we are

Our History

Mujeres Aliadas is a Mexican non-profit organization founded in 2008 and legally constituted in 2010, promoting women’s rights and providing sexual and reproductive health, empowerment and educational services to women and adolescents from a holistic and women-centered perspective, so they can take charge of their health and become advocates for their rights. The two foundations for our current and future accomplishments are: 1) a community-based approach sustained by an ideal of social transformation; and 2) the consolidation of professional midwifery as a safe, respectful and sustainable alternative healthcare model for women.

With our offices based in Erongarícuaro, Michoacán, Mujeres Aliadas currently works in more than 45 communities, indigenous, rural and marginalized urban populations, around Lake Pátzcuaro and the Meseta Purépecha in the state of Michoacán, Mexico. Mujeres Aliadas’ field of work was defined based on the results of the regional study entitled Analysis of the Health Care System in Lake Pátzcuaro (2010), in which sociodemographic and epidemiological findings were complemented with the women’s voices, getting to know their needs regarding sexual and reproductive health. It identified the communities as underserved and in need of an enhanced healthcare infrastructure, particularly in the areas of maternal, newborn, and women’s health in general. Women in this area lack knowledge regarding their body, their health and their reproductive options; have unacceptably high rates of cesarean sections, almost three times more than that which is recommended by the World Health Organization; and suffer with common ailments that often go untreated for years or even a lifetime, due to poor access to affordable, dignified and quality health care. For many, particularly the indigenous women, the access to care is not only limited by economic and geographic barriers, but also social and cultural ones.

Looking toward the greater involvement of persons in the community and stakeholders, Mujeres Aliadas has developed four integrated programs:

1) Community Program – Direct engagement with local and indigenous women to create awareness and expand their knowledge promoting their sexual and reproductive health, through community presentations, workshops, and other creative means. There have been more than 24,500 women attendees of our presentations.
2) Health Clinic and Birth Center – Offers primary sexual and reproductive health care services, directly benefiting more than 2,500 women who have had a total of over 5,000 consultations. This is the home base where women come to learn, receive and participate in high quality and dignified health care services and humanized births.
3) Professional Midwife School – A full study training program in professional midwifery, with nine students graduated in the first generation. The new generation began in August 2017.
4) Adolescent Program – Specifically targeting adolescent girls and boys with workshops on empowerment, self-esteem, sexuality, healthy relationships and other relevant themes to engage in health and rights promotion. We have had over 4,800 adolescent attendees at our presentations.

Through these activities, women and adolescents have experienced numerous benefits. Nevertheless, the complexity of these health problems and sociocultural gaps demands continuous work with individuals and communities, together with deep social transformations that can’t be achieved without dialogue and collaboration with key social actors at medical, academic, and governmental institutions, as well as national and international NGO’s. As a result, Mujeres Aliadas stands for an autonomous model which first considers local priorities and constantly works inside and outside the region in establishing solid relations at the state and national level.

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