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Dear allies and friends
of Mujeres Aliadas
I am very excited to write my first newsletter as Executive Director of Mujeres Aliadas. On behalf of those of us who are part of the Organization and the women and adolescents we serve; I want to express our sincere gratitude for supporting our work in Michoacan.
After 17 months of pandemic, we have converted several of our activities to virtual formats, using the creativity of our team. We are sharing content both on community radios and social media; doing WhatsApp workshops. Likewise, we have launched the first season of a mini series “PURPURINA”, a character that spreads messages about sexual and reproductive rights as well as messages of reflection and self-knowledge, aimed to the adolescent and young population.
A generation of midwives finished their training, and have welcomed a new class of students to our Midwifery School during this fall semester.
We have used this time to strengthen the capacities and abilities of our team with courses on Neonatal Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, social media management, hypopressive techniques, pelvic floor care and self-care. Also, our clinic personnel attended the virtual 32nd Congress of the International Confederation of Midwives.

Of course, we continue with our clinical services at our health centers in Erongaricuaro, Patzcuaro and Morelia. We’ve had 33 births and 652 consultations so far in 2021.
I’d like to share with you a testimony of our midwives:

“A month ago, we were in labor, the big full moon did its job. It was early morning when Julie called us when she felt her contractions and shortly her water broke. She had a very calm and loving labor along with her loved ones. There were smiles and even dancing! Thank you Julie and Jafet for trusting yourself and for trusting us to accompany you in the birth of your baby. Your team of midwives from Mujeres Aliadas: Adela, Marcela, Maricela and Yuri ”.

Finally, in order to strengthen our team, I want to congratulate Ani Magaña (star of the Purpurina series) for being promoted to Director of the Adolescent Program;

and give a warm welcome to their new positions to two wonderful women: Yuridia Monjarás, our new midwife from Mexico City that is sharing with us her experience from other midwifery schools and clinics.

And Miranda Snyder who graduated from the school of Medicine in Guadalajara and who has a strong bond with our communities because she grew up in Patzcuaro. She is the new clinical supervisor at our Midwifery School.
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Regards from Michoacan!
Lisel Lifshitz
Executive Director,
Mujeres Aliadas, AC.
Mujeres Aliadas AC Erongarícuaro, Michoacán, México.
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