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Gifts that translate into actions
Make a gift!

Make a Gift is a program where we show you the biggest needs women and adolescents that we work with, and have you choose, as if you were shopping for a gift, for the exact way you want to help.
Gift a consultation
To be able to provide affordable care for women in the communities, our price for a consultation is around $8 USD and it includes medicine or vitamins. For each women we see, Mujeres Aliadas contributes $16 USD. Help a woman access dignified, quality care. Gift a consultation with a professional midwife!
Gift a community workshop
We visit forty communities a year to deliver lectures and workshops on health, selfcare and sexual and reproductive rights. Our services don’t have a cost, as most of the groups of women and adolescents we work with, wouldn’t be able to afford it. Help us get to the communities, gift a community workshop!
Gift an adolescent scholarship
We have more in-depth workshops for adolescents on rights, gender equality, sexuality, healthy relationships, menstruation and self-esteem; taught with fun learning techniques that lead to debate and construction of knowledge. The scholarship covers transportation, food and material for six sessions. Help us reach more adolescents, gift a scholarship and change an adolescents live!
Gift books and material
We have a small, but very useful library where our students can continue learning. Every year we need to update our books, and get teaching material that can help the students learning process. Contribute to generate a better education for our students. Gift books and material!
Gift a Community Health Session
For some women who live far away, it’s hard to seek our care in our Women’s Health Clinic, since that involves more time and extra money. Thinking of that, Mujeres Aliadas brings the services out to these communities thru what we call ‘Community Health Sessions. Help ten women from a community get dignified, quality care; gift a Community Health Session!
Gift an Adolescent Health Fair!
We visit schools with workshops, games and information on sexual and reproductive rights, sexuality, contraceptives, teen pregnancy, healthy relationships and HIV. Teens have fun, learn and become more conscious of how these themes that can change their future. Gift an Adolescent Health Fair!
Gift an empowering birth
Our price for a birth is about $250USD, an unbelievably low cost for the type of care we provide; Nonetheless, for many women the price is unaffordable. In Mujeres Aliadas we don’t allow money to be a barrier. Help us, so that every woman can access a secure birth in a warm, loving environment. Gift an empowering birth with a Professional Midwife!
Gift a scholarship
For many students, a scholarship is essential to be able to finish their degree. Each semester has a cost of $600 USD (including inscription and tuition). Lets keep training more Professional Midwives ¡Gift a Scholarship for a Professional Midwifery Student!
¡Make a gift!
Mujeres Aliadas AC Erongarícuaro, Michoacán, México.
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