M u j e r e s    A l i a d a s

Brief History

Mujeres Aliadas AC was formed as a result of the voiced needs of the women in the Lake Patzcuaro area for an organization that promotes the health and defends the rights of the women and girls in the area. The founders represent a diverse group of women which includes local mestiza women, indigenous women, and a midwife and educator from Chicago. They work in partnership with the women, local advisory groups and a public health professional/epidemiologist.

The team of Mujeres Aliadas worked in the communities for three years, listening to the women, prior to officially incorporating into a Mexican NGO. They continue to direct their efforts toward enhancing the knowledge of the women and their sexual and reproductive health with cultural dignity and acknowledgment of cultural norms and traditional modalities of treatment. In addition to improving the lives of women, this is also a demonstration project and efforts are underway to work within the existing health care system while maintaining the philosophy of women directed health care.