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Cultural Exchange Program testimonials

Bernard:​ "The program combined travel to beautiful places with an introduction to Mujeres Aliadas’ wonderful programs. I was especially struck by the enthusiasm, dedication, and intelligence of all the women working on these projects"

Henriette​: "My understanding of Mujeres Aliadas is so much more and meeting the students, staff, midwives and the community providers all were enriching an interesting"

Shelly:​ "I feel the program is very well organized. The staff is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. This program should be of great interest to healthcare workers interested in processes in a different culture"

Eileen​: "I appreciated the emphasis on Women’s Rights, Women’s Health Care, Adolescent Health Education, the various components on prevention including preventing domestic violence. This is a well thought out , well run program with great leadership and impressive team work. I was VERY exhausted at the end of each day but we couldn’t wait to get up the next morning to come again"

Ann​: "I think this program will be very appealing to health care professionals and people looking for vacation and travel opportunities and adventures off the grid and involving indigenous people and visions for a better world and health care"
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