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Cultural Exchange
Our roots

Come support a progressive women’s health and rights organization in rural Mexico and enjoy a culturally enriching experience.

This travel opportunity offers a week-long program with an emphasis on sharing knowledge and ideas with traditional and professional midwives from the Lake Pátzcuaro area and surrounding indigenous communities.  There will be time allotted to discuss topics related to women’s health, to socialize with Mujeres Aliadas staff and professional midwife students and with local traditional midwives.
Visit an indigenous community to observe a Mujeres Aliada's sexual and reproductive health presentation.  There will be opportunities to talk with clinic staff local women and adolescents. Workshops will be held on the making of herbal medicines, the use of the rebozo during labor and the postpartum period, as well as other traditional practices.
"The program combined travel to beautiful places with an introduction to Mujeres Aliadas’ wonderful programs. I was especially struck by the enthusiasm, dedication, and intelligence of all the women working on these projects". Bernard
"I think this program will be very appealing to health care professionals and people looking for vacation and travel opportunities and adventures off the grid and involving indigenous people and visions for a better world and health care." Ann
Participants will also be able to explore the culturally rich communities of Pátzcuaro and surrounding villages as well as to purchase beautiful handicrafts directly from indigenous artisans. Groups will be limited to 10 individuals to allow for quality interaction with the local community.

What Mujeres Aliadas will provide to attendees:

1)    A week-long structured cultural and educational program
2)    Transportation to and from Morelia airport
3)    6 nights hotel in Pátzcuaro
4)    Transportation each day to and from the hotel and the Mujeres Aliadas women’s center in Eronga and for field trips
5)    Five breakfasts and comidas (lunches)
6)    Translation assistance for those who do not speak Spanish


Pátzcuaro y Erongarícuaro, Mich. Méx.
More information:
Cel. 773 791 4787
Cultural Exchange
Mujeres Aliadas AC Erongarícuaro, Michoacán, México.
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