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About Mujeres Aliadas

Mujeres Aliadas, AC, is a Mexican not-for-profit organization offering sexual and reproductive health and educational services based on a model created and designed through the active participation of local women and adolescents. This model has women at the center, educated and empowered to take charge of their health and become advocates for the health care rights of women and adolescents in the Lake Pátzcuaro area of Michoacán, México. Pátzcuaro has been identified as underserved and in need of an enhanced health care infrastructure, particularly in the areas of maternal and child health and women’s health in general.

Women in the area have unacceptably high rates of maternal, infant, and cervical cancer mortality due to poor access to affordable, dignified and quality health care. Common ailments often go untreated for years or even a lifetime. For many, particularly the indigenous women, the cost of travel to a clinic or even a small fee for care is simply unaffordable.

In addition we provide internship and residency experiences for Mexican and international students with a passion for women’s health and underserved populations.

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Mission Statement

Mujeres Aliadas A.C. advances the lives of poor women and adolescent girls in the Lake Pátzcuaro area of Michoacán, México through the provision of women-centered sexual and reproductive health and educational services based on the model of professional midwifery and the voiced needs and active participation of area women and girls, and through the development of a women’s network that empowers women and adolescent girls to take charge of their own health care and to advocate for their health care rights.

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